An “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” actor gains attention for his handsome visuals that resemble Kwak Dong Yeon 

This supporting actor from “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” caught the eye for his good looks.

Actor Lee Won Jung, born in 2001, recently drew attention for appearing in the hit drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”. He impressed netizens with his impressive height of 182cm, big eyes, tall nose and cool features that make his face hard to forget with just one look. 

lee won young

Lee Won Jung debuted in OCN’s 2019 drama “Class of Lies” and has starred in various series such as “Live On”, “The World of My 17”, and “New Normal Zine”.

lee won young

In episode 10 of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, Lee Won Jung plays a character who is tried on charges of sexually assaulting his girlfriend with a mental disability. 

lee won young

Watching Lee Won Jung, viewers showed various reactions such as “He reminds me of Kwak Dong Yeon”, “His features are outstanding”, and “He is the younger version of Kwak Dong Yeon”.

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