Reporter-turned-Youtuber Lee Jin Ho explains the special relationship between Lee Sun Hee and CEO Kwon Jin Young

It is revealed that “Lee Seung Gi’s teacher” Lee Sun Hee has a special relationship with Kwon Jin Young, CEO of Hook Entertainment.

On December 26th, reporter-turned-Youtuber Lee Jin Ho released a new video titled “Exclusive information! The reason Lee Sun Hee was silent on Lee Seung Gi’s issue”.

Lee Seung Gi and Hook Entertainment are in dispute over music revenue settlement. After the controversy broke out, Hook sent Lee Seung Gi “1.3 billion won in base salary, 2.9 billion won in unpaid settlements, and 1.2 billion won in delayed interest”. They also filed a lawsuit to claim that they no longer owe Lee Seung Gi any debt.

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Lee Jin Ho said, “Apart from the mentioned amount, Hook also deposited 630 million won to Lee Seung Gi’s bank account”, adding “As a result of my confirmation, that amount was Lee Seung Gi’s advertising fee settlement.”

He continued, “10% of Lee Seung Gi’s profit from each advertisement is sent to the advertising agent. However, Hook paid the agent only 7%. The remaining 3% was shared by CEO Kwon Jin Young as well as other company executives and relatives. Therefore, Lee Seung Gi decided to sue Hook’s executives for embezzlement.”

Lee Jin Ho then began to mention Lee Sun Hee.

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He said, “Lee Sun Hee also did not receive music settlements from Hook. She does not even own 1% in Hook stakes. That’s why she couldn’t express any position on Lee Seung Gi’s settlement issue”. In fact, Lee Sun Hee only revealed that she had not received settlements for her music activities, and has never spoken on the side of her student Lee Seung Gi.

Lee Jin Ho claimed that Lee Sun Hee and CEO Kwon Jin Young have a special relationship.

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He explained, “Kwon Jin Young entered the entertainment industry as Lee Sun Hee’s manager. People may think Lee Sun-hee was in a higher position because she was a top singer, but looking at the situation at that time, Lee Sun Hee had no power. It is said that Lee Sun Hee had a huge debt, so CEO Kwon Jin Young took power since she was in charge of Lee Sun Hee’s activities. Hook later became much more successful with a capital of 50 million won and ranked above Lee Sun Hee.”

Lee Jin Ho continued, “Last year, CEO Kwon Jin Young received 44 billion won after transferring her 100% stake to Chorokbaem Media. 30% of that amount, which was 16.7 billion won, was given free of charge to Hook’s artists, executives and employees”. The Youtube added that he sensed something strange. It is because Lee Sun Hee’s daughter also received the money.

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Lee Jin Ho said, “Lee Sun Hee received the largest amount, as much as 2.596 billion won, from that amount of 16.7 billion won. However, I couldn’t understand why Lee Sun Hee’s daughter Yoon was also given 440 million wan despite not working in the entertainment industry”. 

He claimed, “Employees who contributed greatly to Hook received only 44 million won. Then didn’t Yoon receive 440 million won thanks to her special relationship with CEO Kwon?”.

Source: Insight

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