Rep. Lee Moon-ho of Burning Sun: “If Seungri’s KakaoTalk is a sin, are all Korean men sinners then?”

Rep. Lee Moon-ho of Burning Sun said Seungri has 20% of the shares.

Lee Moon-ho, chairman of Club Burning Sun, talked about Seungri and Burning Sun in an exclusive interview with the Kyunghyang Shinmun.

Rep. Lee Moon-ho told Kyunghyang Shinmun, “Seungri is my friend. I established the Burning Sun club and offered him to do it together. I have a 10% stake in Burning Sun and Seungri is 20%,” he added, referring to the start of Burning Sun.

If the content of his KakaoTalk three years ago becomes a crime, isn’t all Korean men guilty? And there’s no sex trade, the guys were just joking around like that…“, he tried to defend Seungri. “And how am I supposed to know what happened in 2015? I don’t even know if the aforementioned group chat is real or not“.

He also refuted the press reports on him. “The reason why people are angry is because the female guest were fed GHB drug and sexually assaulted, but if this is true, why didn’t the female guest report us and only the media are calling us out? If they sue right now, the perpetrator will be arrested, we can get a settlement, and we can get all the legal punishment, so why didn’t they do it?“, Lee Moon-ho said about the “drug water” situation.

Asked if he was denying the allegations of sexual assault of Burning Sun, he said, “Is there anyone who was investigated by the police as a rape victim?” and added, “I once stopped an criminal who was trying to sexually assault a women who is drugged and gave him to the Cyber Investigation Team of the police. The captain even said thank you to me. I`m actively cooperating with the police“.

Lee Moon-ho also said, “I was not in the store when the Burning Sun assault happened, and actually there’s room for conflict about the drug positivity test, apart from that there’s nothing to be under indictment. How can I know if someone was using drug when I goes to the club only once or twice a week. And frankly, do you actually think drugs are only done in Burning Sun?” he said.

Lee Moon-ho, who ran the Burning Sun along with Seungri, was summoned by the police for questioning regarding the Burning Sun case. Rep. Lee Moon-ho is suspected of charges such as collusion with police and drug distribution.

Sources: Nate

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