Kim Seon Ho and Kim Jong Kook reveal unexpected bro chemistry on “Gym Joong Kook” 

Kim Seon Ho will appear on “Gym Jong Kook” with Kim Jong Kook. 

Kim Seon Ho will appear on the latest episode of “Gym Jong Kook” starring “exercise maniac” Kim Jong Kook. The episode will be released at 6 PM (KST) on June 1st. 

After pulling off an action-packed saga “The Childe”, actor Kim Seon Ho raises expectations about what he will bring to “Gym Jong Kook”. Viewers expect to see a wide range of enjoyable exercises that the “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha” actor takes up. 

Previously evaluated as “excellent athletic” by martial arts director Hwang Jin Mo, Kim Seon Ho is known to be an exercise enthusiast of sorts. He reportedly revealed exercise routines at one of his fan meetings. 


With a shared love for exercising, Kim Seon Ho and Kim Jong Kook are rumored to spark unexpected bro chemistry in the upcoming episode. 

Discussions of stories behind the scenes of “The Childe” are intertwined with Kim Seon Ho and Kim Jong Kook’s exercises, bringing a new form of entertainment to the audience of the program. 

“The Childe” starring Kim Seon Ho and directed by Park Hoon Jung tells the story of Marco, a boxer of mixed descent who wanders around illegal stadiums in the Philippines. His life takes a dangerous turn once he steps foot in Korea. Gradually, secrets from his past start coming to light. 

The movie will hit theaters on June 21st in Korea.

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