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Why did this Hollywood actress make Lee Seo-jin hold her bag at the Academy? “Obvious racism” vs. “Disrespectful behavior”

After the scene where actor Lee Seo-jin kept the bag for actress Jamie Lee Curtis was aired, some netizens pointed out racist behaviors.

In tvN’s program “Unexpected Journey”, which aired on May 29th, Lee Seo-jin attended the Academy Awards as Youn Yuh-jung’s manager.

Actress Youn Yuh-jung attended the Academy Awards ceremony as an award presenter while Lee Seo-jin played the role of her manager. Lee Seo-jin also said he was worried that people would not recognize him and ask him to get them some drinks.

Lee Seo-jin

After arriving at the awards ceremony, Lee Seo-jin was seen standing alone with someone’s bag. When asked, “Whose bag is it?”, he smiled and said, “Jamie Lee Curtis asked me to keep the bag for her for a while”. Actress Jamie Lee Curtis left her bag to Lee Seo-jin and then went somewhere to take photos. Later, when she came back to get her bag, she didn’t even thank nor showed a gesture of gratitude toward Lee Seo-jin. 

lee seo jin
lee seo jin

After the broadcast, netizens claimed that what Jamie Lee Curtis did to Lee Seo-jin was clearly racist behavior. Internet users criticized the actress, “He could be easily recognized as a celebrity just by looking at his outfit. She is so rude”, “If you live abroad for a long time, you will know why this is so unpleasant and annoying”, “That’s definitely racism. If you are Asian, they will consider you a staff member or a worker”, etc.

Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie Lee Curtis is an American actress who made her name known through the “Halloween” series, “Scream Queens”, “Knives Out”, etc. 

Source: Nate

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