Showing support for Chen’s solo debut, Baekhyun (EXO) received criticism because of his words

Baekhyun was badly bashed by Chinese fans because he forgot that Lay had a solo debut.

Recently, SM Entertainment announced that Chen (EXO) will officially debut solo with the album “April, and a flower“. The male solo debut album is receiving the attention of many KPOP fans thanks to the poetic design, bringing a warm spring atmosphere. In addition, his sweet voice is a guarantee of the success of this product.


It seems that the main vocal has received enthusiastic support from EXO members. Recently, Chen‘s friend, Baekhyun has promoted strongly for “April, and a flower” albums on Twitter. This is also the source of EXO-L‘s internal fan wars on social network Weibo.


Specifically, Baekhyun wrote: “Hopefully Chen‘s song will come out soon, haha. This is the first time the group members released a solo album! I’ll look forward to it.” Soon after, Chinese fans immediately talked about the topic, “Baekhyun was bashed for forgetting that Lay had solo songs”.


Many EXO-L, especially Lay‘s fans, are annoyed with Baekhyun‘s statement. Before Chen debuted solo, Lay released 4 different albums “Lose Control”, “Lay 02 Sheep”, “Winter Special Gift”, and “NAMANANA“. Including 2 EP albums and 1 full album. In addition to film and entertainment activities, 1991 male idol always has a great love for music.

Especially, last year he achieved many achievements with the album “NAMANANA“. These products are all passion, sweat, and tears of him. That’s why Baekhyun accidentally forgot Lay as the first member of EXO debut solo made many fans disappointed. In fact, Chen was only the first person to debut solo in the Korean market.


This was a long-standing problem within EXO-L for a long time, and Baekhyun‘s innocent statement sparked the fire between OT8 supporters and Lay‘s fan only in China.

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