Red Velvet Yeri’s Instagram story congratulating Irene on her birthday has led to great controversy on social networks

On March 29, the visual of Red Velvet, Irene, officially turned 30. 

To send the birthday greetings to Irene, the maknae Yeri posted two booth-style photos on the Instagram story with the caption, “Joohyun unnie, happy birthday. Let’s laugh more often. I love you. Enjoy your special day!”

However, netizens have unexpectedly heated debated over Yeri’s Instagram story right after it was shared on an online community. 

The post has received more downvotes than upvotes and Red Velvet fans protested that netizens are being too harsh on these two members. 

Fans commented that people should not have an issue with Yeri congratulating Irene since Irene basically raised Yeri. Netizens commented, “She can’t even say happy birthday to a close older sister of hers? Why are people taking issue with everything to do with Irene? It’s weird that Yeri would completely ignore Irene’s birthday after actively promoting for years together,” “Yeri is awesome, she probably knew she would get backlash, so I think she also posted the message to comfort her fans,” “If I were her I wouldn’t have posted for everyone to see,” “People would say that the members cut ties with Irene if Yeri didn’t post the message probably,” and “She could have said happy birthday to her in private, she just posted for the public to see.”

Last October, Irene was caught up in an attitude scandal when she was accused of insulting an editor for 20 minutes. After this scandal, Irene was hated and heavily criticized by netizens. Therefore, Yeri was also criticized for being close to the leader of Red Velvet. 

Irene and Yeri

Source: Allkpop

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