TWICE’s Jeongyeon shed tears on Vlive, “Our hard working members, I’m sorry”

TWICE’s Jeongyeon shed tears with a frank confession.

On Naver V LIVE ‘Twice TV 2018 EP.14’, which was released on the 18th, Jeongyeon honestly expressed her feelings.

She went shopping for necklaces before the group’s third anniversary. It’s a surprise gift for the members.

She went around the store and tried her best to choose. She has chosen carefully to pick ones that look good on any outfit.

After the gifts arrived, she checked them secretly. She wanted to give them to the members at their fan meeting. I wish I could be moved.”

The girls were touched by her gratitude. “The members are the ones who worked hard and gave me support.

We are on a tour right now, and have to take music videos and jackets, and the members are having a lot of work to do, so it must be exhausting for them.

Jeongyeon was emational., “(I) wanted to become their strength but I’m sorry I couldn’t

I always have to smile to my fans, but I’m sorry I didn’t hide my tired side,” she said.

When they were shooting the music video, she came up with a new idea and suggested that they do the choreography.

Jeong-yeon said, “I’m sorry that the members had a hard time. I’m sorry that I might hurt them.”

Jeongyeon’s dream was simple. “I hope members and fans will be healthy in the remaining 2018. Don’t get hurt.”

“The members are practicing really hard,” she said. “So please enjoy our comeback and give us lots of love.

Let’s watch Jeong-yeon’s passionate confession, which made fans cry, on Vlive

Sources: Dispatch

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