“‘Squid Game’ actors are unknown”… The recent status of Lee Jung-jae, who made Steven Spielberg’s remarks meaningless

Actor Lee Jung-jae, who won Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series at the Emmy Awards, received a series of good news.

Recently, a number of Hollywood entertainment media outlets reported that Lee Jung-jae will take on the lead role in the Star Wars series “The Acolyte” produced by Disney+.

It is known that he will work with actresses Jodie Turner-Smith and Amandla Stenberg, but the casting issue is still shrouded in mystery.

lee jung jae

Lee Jung-jae also brought up the story of joining the “Star Wars” series.

At an Emmy Awards press conference held in Los Angeles on Sep 13th, Lee Jung-jae said cautiously, “My appearance in ‘Star Wars’ was top secret. I hoped no information would be leaked. However, the article came out first in LA at the time of the flight. I was very surprised, too.”

He then hinted, “We are still discussing. If you wait a little longer, there will be good news.”

lee jung jae

At the 74th Emmy Awards held on Sep 13th, Netflix’s “Squid Game” dominated 6 categories.

Lee Jung-jae’s “Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series” and director Hwang Dong-hyuk’s “Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series” received great attention worldwide.

This award was even more meaningful as it was the first non-English-speaking drama to receive it.

lee jung jae emmy award

Lee Jung-jae, who was on stage to deliver his acceptance speech in English, also said thank you in Korean at the end.

He confessed, “I will share this joy with all the people who will be watching in Korea, my friends, family and precious fans.”

As “Squid Game” actors, including Lee Jung-jae, are on a roll, attention was focused on the remarks left by world-renowned master Steven Spielberg earlier this year.


At the Producers Guild Awards in March, director Spielberg said, “A long time ago it was domestic stars that brought the audience into movies. Today, it’s interesting, unknown people can star entire miniseries, can be in movies.”

He added, “I was inspired by the fact that ‘Squid Game’ accomplished as much as it has without any American movie stars and hope that it will give filmmakers more freedom with their casting choices moving forward.”


Of course, director Spielberg spoke with the intention of praising the casting of “Squid Game” and its performance, but some responded that Spielberg’s remarks themselves were a problem.

Netizens pointed out that the actors who appeared in “Squid Game” have been in the Korean entertainment industry for quite a while and are stars, not unknown actors.

Source: insight

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