A famous female idol gains attention for her doll-like visual and unreal leg proportions, who is she?

Netizens can’t stop admiring this female idol’s doll-like face and body, increasingly beautiful and attractive visual.

The Kpop flower garden consists of many gorgeous female idols. Some look cute and soft, while some are sexy and attractive. A doll-like visual with well-defined features is much loved by fans. Joy (Red Velvet) is the next idol being called a living doll by netizens, thanks to her pretty face and ideal body. Her beauty stands out more day by day.

On September 4, the female idol posted on her Instagram a series of behind-the-scenes photos to thank the fans for their birthday wishes. Immediately, these photos have taken over social media, received many likes and shares from fans. In the photos, Joy impresses with her surreal, sweet, and refreshing visual. In particular, she could also show off her ideal body, unreal leg proportions without using any filters. Used to be a member whose body was criticized by netizens when she first debuted, after losing weight, Joy has become more and more gorgeous and turned into the new sexy symbol of Kpop.

Fans are amazed by Joy’s beauty in her new Instagram post
Indeed, Joy looks like a living doll with sharp yet sweet facial features. The female idol born in 1996 has big round eyes, a high nose bridge and sexy thick lips
Without any filters, Joy could still show off her long legs. The Red Velvet member has an ideal height of 1m67 with long and toned legs.
Used to be a member who received negative comments from netizens, Joy is becoming more and more beautiful 
Currently, besides the well known goddess Irene, Joy is also in charge of visual in Red Velvet
The female idol also shows off her sexiness in these photos, making fans unable to keep calm
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