Red Velvet Irene’s Resilience on Stage Despite Illness, aespa’s Karina Shares Concern

SM Entertainment’s idol groups Red Velvet and aespa shared a unique friendship

On the 23rd (local time) in Jakarta, Indonesia, the ‘SM Town Live 2023 SMCU Palace Jakarta’ was held, featuring artists from SM Entertainment, including Red Velvet and aespa. Irene had complained of poor health condition, but she stood on the stage until the end to deliver her performance.

red velvet irene

Prior to the performance, SM Entertainment had announced Irene’s absence due to her health condition. SM Entertainment stated, “We apologize for the sudden news that has caused concern. It was an unavoidable decision for Irene’s recovery and sufficient rest. We kindly ask for the understanding of our fans.”

However, Irene appeared on stage with her fellow members and performed.

Joy conveyed Irene’s strong determination, saying, “Even though Irene unnie wasn’t feeling well, she wanted to see our Jakarta fans, so she came up here to perform with us.”

During the performance, there were moments where Karina from aespa showed concern for Irene, reaching out her hand and appearing to ask her a brief question. Irene nodded, and Karina expressed her support with a worried expression.

aespa karina

Although it was a brief moment, the exchange of support and encouragement between senior and junior girl groups garnered enthusiastic responses from the fans.

Meanwhile, last month, a representative from SM Entertainment announced that Red Velvet’s Seulgi had renewed her contract, and fans are eagerly awaiting news about the remaining members’ contract renewals. It’s been reported that Red Velvet is preparing for a comeback, and they are expected to return with a full-length album in November after six years, generating high anticipation among their fans.

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