Red Velvet Irene too exhausted, had to use oxygen therapy during a flight?  

Amid busy tour schedules, Irene, a member of Red Velvet, had to receive oxygen therapy during her flight. 

On May 28th, Twitter account SoloBae91, who claimed to be backstage staff for Red Velvet’s Berlin stop of their “R to V World Tour”, posted about Irene on her SNS. 

In particular, according to SoloBae 91, Irene’s schedule is so full that she has always been under a lot of pressure. In addition, the female idol was allegedly so exhausted, she received oxygen therapy during her Paris to Berlin flight. 


The aforementioned netizen also mentioned that since the waiting room for backstage staff members is right opposite to Red Velvet’s room, they got to meet Irene. “Photos don’t do her real-life visuals justice”, she said. 

After reading such a sharing, however, many fans are angered, and demand an official statement from SM Entertainment. 

According to these fans, Red Velvet’s tour schedule is inhumane with 3 concerts in a week in different countries, causing members to constantly face health issues. 

Previously, Joy had to go on a hiatus due to poor health conditions, Wendy contacted COVID-19, leading to the cancelation of the “R to V” concert in Bangkok, while Yeri also had a hand injury. 

Source: Twitter 

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