“Reborn Rich”, waiting for an unexpected ending that is slightly different from the original work

These days, no matter where you go, you cannot leave out the story of JTBC’s “Reborn Rich”.

With only 2 episodes left until the end, the focus is now on how Jin Do Jun (Song Joong Ki)’s revenge play will come to an end.

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5 members of JTBC’s PR team finished previewing up to 15 episodes by Dec 21st. A PR team member said, “There are many inquiries about the ending, from family members, acquaintances to broadcasting station staff, but we haven’t watched the final episode yet, so we don’t know the ending. Even if we know it, we can’t give you spoilers.

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The production team also encourages viewers to watch the drama real time, but keeps silent about the detailed ending. There are two main points that we heard from some staff members regarding the ending. First, it is true that it goes differently from the original work. In the original webtoon of the same name, Do Jun marries Seo Min Young (Shin Hyun Bin), takes over Soonyang Group and visits the cliff where he was killed and holds a memorial service in honor of Yoon Hyun Woo. It ends with encouraging good and punishing evil by sending the villain Soonyang family, who killed Yoon Hyun Woo, to prison.

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However, writer Kim Tae Hee is known to have chosen a rather open ending in line with the original work. It is true that Do Jun’s revenge almost succeeds and presents a dramatic catharsis, but it was not drawn in detail whether he took control of the entire Soonyang Group and whether all the villains collapsed miserably during this process.

Another hint is that an unexpected ending that breaks everyone’s expectations is prepared. In this regard, an SLL official shared, “A highly predictable ending wasn’t an option from the beginning. There’s a surprising reversal card hidden in the ending. Please make sure to check out the original airing.

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Another official added, “In the drama, Do Jun and Min Young have a happy ending, but they don’t get married.

Starting with 6.1% in the first episode, “Reborn Rich” recorded its own highest rating of 24.9% in episode 14, surpassing “SKY Castle” and becoming the second highest-rated drama in JTBC’s history. It remains to be seen whether the final episode, which is scheduled to air on Dec 25th, will set a new record by surpassing the current No.1 “The World of the Married” (28.4%).

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Source: Naver

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