IU and BTS’s J-Hope talk about their similar drinking habit on “IU’s Palette” 

BTS’s J-Hope made a guest appearance on IU’s YouTube show. 

On July 28th, a video titled “IU’s Palette J-Hope In The Palette (With J-Hope) Ep.14” was posted on IU‘s official YouTube channel.

IU welcomed J-Hope‘s appearance, saying, “I was surprised when I heard who was coming to the show today. This is the first time I get to talk to him. So today’s 14th Palette should be fresh and exciting.”

IU congratulated J-Hope on his debut as the first soloist of BTS. She continued, “Since this is our first conversation, I thought we’d start with some small talk and find things we have in common.”

IU asked, “I have discovered something. When you drink alcohol, your tension goes down.” To this, J-Hope said, “That’s right. Before I drink, I’m excited like ‘Let’s get drunk!’ But then when I get drunk, I lose my energy.”

IU sympathized with this and said, “I too never drink when I’m down. I shrink and become silent when I get drunk.” 

J-Hope agreed, saying, “When I’m drunk, I get strangely calm.” When IU said she thought J-Hope would be good at drinking, he said, “No, I’m not good with alcohol. I don’t drink very well.”

Source: nate

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