4 Kpop idols that many Koreans must follow on Instagram even though they are non-fans

Which Kpop idols that even non-fans in Korea must follow on Instagram because they admire and want to know more about the daily lives of these idols?

In social networking platforms, Instagram is the platform that can evaluate the popularity of an individual Kpop idol.  Instagram is a place where Kpop idols can post daily moments in their lives, build images and promote the brands they represent.  Many people often mistake that only fans follow idols’ accounts, but in fact, many non-fans are also willing to follow because they love and admire their style or daily life.

So do you wonder which Kpop idols are most-followed by non-fans (passers-by, netizens) in Korea on Instagram?  Recently on the Korean network forum, a Knet posted an interesting article titled: ‘Is this not the principle of our country’s Instagram users?’.  This person pointed out 4 idols that are most-followed by non-fans in Korea. 




Eunwoo (ASTRO)

Although at first many people were skeptical when reading the title, but after seeing the 4 listed names, they could not agree any more.  Almost all of them admit that their Instagram accounts follow these 4 idols.  The reason is that these are all trend-setting idols with interesting daily lives. 

Notably, in this list, there are 3 YG artists.  YG has indeed trained stars with a unique aura and an attractive style.  They turn their Instagram into a perfect fashion lookbook that everyone wants to follow to learn and update the latest trends.  Among them, Jennie is the name most mentioned by Knets.  Knets said they all follow female idols and their friends also follow her whether they are Kpop fans or not.

On the contrary, the reason they follow Cha Eunwoo’s Instagram is not necessarily his fashion style, but simply because the male idol is too handsome.  Cha Eunwoo’s Instagram page tends to update about his daily life.  Therefore, the girls love to follow to see many photos of a male idol that is considered to be typical of the phrase ‘boyfriend material’.

Some comments from Knetizens:

– The most famous ones are GD and Jennie.  A lot of my friends follow them because they love to see their pictures.

– I followed Jennie, GD and Rosé.

– Girls play with me all follow Cha Eunwoo.  So handsome!

 – Basically, I follow all the members of BLACKPINK.  I’m not a fan but like to look at their photos because they have a unique vibe and perfect style.

– I don’t follow any celebrities but when I see my friends’ Instagram, it seems that most of them follow Jennie.

Source: Pann

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