Ra Mi Ran, “Lee Do Hyun still calls me mom”

Actress Ra Mi Ran recently mentioned actor Lee Do Hyun, who she worked with in the drama  “The Good Bad Mother”.

On the August 7th broadcast of SBS Power FM’s “Two O’Clock Escape – Cultwo Show”, actress Ra Mi Ran and Uhm Ji Won, the lead actors of the Tving Original Series “Cold Blooded Intern,” appeared as guests.

Here, Ra Mi Ran, who worked alongside Lee Do Hyun in the JTBC drama “The Good Bad Mother“, recalled her experience during filming. “After the first shoot, there was a scene I got so immersed in, I ended up shedding tears for no reason. There have been times when I cried even though the scene didn’t require it”, she said. 

ra mi ran

The actress further shared, “Lee Do Hyun still calls me mom. There isn’t much age difference between me and his mother. Maybe his mother got married at a young age.”

Afterwards, she added, “I tell younger friends to call me ‘noona’ or ‘unnie’ (big sister). I even tell a six-year-old to call me ‘unnie.’ It’s not because I want to be called ‘nuna’ or ‘unnie,’ but because I want to bridge the gap between us.”

ra mi ran

Meanwhile, “Cold Blooded Intern” depicts the inner conflict of Go Hae Ra (Ra Mi Ran), who makes a comeback as an intern after a 7-year hiatus and receives secret and cruel proposals from her successful peer, Choi Ji Won (Uhm Ji Won).

“Cold Blooded Intern” will premiere on August 11th.

Source: Daum

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