Chanyeol, Kai cried at EXO’s concert, which made the audiences moved

8 handsome boys of EXO have just successfully finished their concert in Seoul within the tour “EXO Planet #4 – “The EℓyXiOn”.

With their well-prepared and amazing performances, the SM’s boys made the audiences surprised time over time. Especially, the solo performances of Chanyeol, Sehun và Kai were also highlights of the concert.

The first 3 nights of EXO’s tour series “The ElyXion” have passed with a lot of impressive moments and meaningful times together with their fans

Chanyeol (EXO) sobbed during his solo rap performance at the concert

Apart from their popular songs, EXO also showed off well-prepared solo performance of each member. Significantly, during his rap solo part, the “Happy Virus” Chanyeol started to sob confusingly in all of the 3 nights of their concerts.

exo,chayeol, kai, Exo Planet, The EXO'rDIUM

This was a performance which Chanyeol wrote the lyrics by himself, so the rap lyrics comprised of his feelings and thoughts towards youth, dream and passion.
The bitter rap lyrics of Chanyeol who is going to get one more year old made many audiences moved. EXO members shared that Chanyeol cried a lot while he was writing the lyrics and he was worried that he could not control his emotion on the stage.

K-pop idols are probably living a world that is different from ours, but they are also young people like everyone else. They are excited to bring your dreams into their new life, then disappointed because the painful reality destroys it all.
Perhaps, their fans only know very little about the difficulties that Chanyeol and EXO had faced. Hopefully, the boys will be stronger in this affected and risky showbiz.

Kai (EXO) sobbed on the stage because of his mistake during the performance

During his solo performance at the concert, Kai made a minor mistake that even his fans who were very observant could not recognize it. However, this mistake made him upset very much. The “dance machine” of EXO had an amazingly perfect performance, but he was disappointed with himself because of a minor mistake which shouldn’t be happening.

exo, kai, Exo Planet, The EXO'rDIUM
Despite his attractive and wonderful solo performance,
exo, kai, Exo Planet, The EXO'rDIUM
Kai was not satisfied with it.
exo, kai, Exo Planet, The EXO'rDIUM
He was moved to tears after finishing his performance.

Although other members tried to comfort him and said that it was an unexpected mistake, but Kai only bowed his head washing away his tears and did not stop crying. The EXO brothers kept comforting him and expressed that they wished they could have done just half of what Kai did. According to EXO, Kai practiced until 4am of the day before the concert. Therefore, he was still very worried about this performance.

exo, kai, Exo Planet, The EXO'rDIUM
The handsome member with bad boy style of EXO started to sob because he was disappointed with his mistake,
exo, kai, Exo Planet, The EXO'rDIUM
…and other members of EXO quickly came to encourage him.

EXO members said: “He wants the audiences to admire a perfect performance of himself but it seemed that he was still worried”. After Kai was moved to tears, EXO-L (EXO’s fans) quickly encouraged and supported him by saying out loud his name together with the slogan “You are the best”.

exo, kai, Exo Planet, The EXO'rDIUM
The audiences were very moved by the efforts that Kai put into his performance.

Source: yannews, tiwtter, youtube

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