‘Pyramid Game’ production team apologizes for causing discomfort to citizens during their shoots

Following “Not A Hero”, “Pyramid Game” team was also criticized for causing inconvenience to citizens during filming

On September 18th, a netizen complained about the inconvenience caused by the filming of the drama “Pyramid Game”. They said, “This is a school zone, isn’t it? They blocked the road to school last week for filming and I tried to ignore it but it happened again today. This is not right, isn’t it?”, then revealed some photos of the scene.


The netizen continued, “They set up filming equipment for their drama shoot on the way the children go to school. I felt so angry to see that when sending my kids to school this morning. No one provides safety guidance for the children. They not only blocked the sidewalks but also the bike lane so the children had to walk on the street and the traffic got congested.”

They emphasized, “I’m frustrated that they conducted filming during the time the children go to school. Please avoid filming during that time. Let the children walk on the sidewalks. Their safety should come first”.

In response, the production team of “Pyramid Game” issued an apology, saying “We acknowledge that we caused inconvenience to citizens at the filming location last week. We sincerely apologize for not paying more attention to this detail during the drama production process”, adding “In the future, we will conduct more thorough filming set management to enhance safety and prevent such unfortunate incidents from happening again”.

Pyramid Game

Prior to “Pyramid Game”, the production team of the drama “Not A Hero” was also criticized for a similar mistake. In fact, many other programs, such as the dramas “Squid Game 2”, “You Have Done Well”, and the entertainment program “Heart Signal 4”, also caused discomfort to citizens with their filings.

Due to continuous controversies, drama fans and netizens are pointing out the carelessness of drama production teams and urging them to be more considerate to citizens. 

Source: Daum

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