BTS appeared at the airport to fly to the US for offline concert but there are 3 details that caught fans’ attention

Today, BTS departed for the US to prepare for many important schedules, and immediately a series of photos of the 7 members became a hot topic on Korean online forums.

At noon on November 17 (KST), BTS appeared at Incheon International Airport to depart for Los Angeles, USA.  This is the second time in 2021 that the Big Hit boy group has come to the US when they previously attended the United Nations event in September. However, this time BTS will go abroad to carry out important music schedules, including the AMAs 2021 awards ceremony taking place on December 21, and then 4 offline concerts ‘BTS PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – LA‘ on November 27 and 28 as well as December 1 and 2.  

BTS departed for U.S

As usual, because BTS is the top name in Kpop, every time the group appears in public, it will immediately become a hot topic on online forums.  All 7 members RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook have chosen the style that suits them best.  They also always cheerfully waved to fans and reporters at Incheon Airport.’

Let’s take a look at how each BTS member chooses outfits and accessories when going to the airport today.

BTS’s series of photos has made Korean fans and netizens extremely excited.  Many netizens praised each member’s outfit style, which is very suitable for their vibe.  However, there are 3 details about the members that make netizens pay more attention, the first is Jimin’s hair.

Accordingly, even though Jimin wears a beanie that almost covers his head, fans still find out that the male idol’s hair has highlights.  Many people are curious whether in his next stage appearance, Jimin will bring an impressive hairstyle.  Even related keywords like ‘JIMIN SILVER HIGHLIGHTS’, ‘JIMIN’S HAIR’ and ‘JIMIN HIGHLIGHTS’ also trended on Twitter.

BTS departed for U.S

Next is the glass of orange juice in V’s hand. Today, V still appeared with a simple but attractive style, enhancing the male idol’s cinematic visual.  However, instead of choosing accessories such as handbags like the rest of the members, V appeared with a very outstanding glass of orange juice.  This is like an interesting highlight to help him become a lovely Taetae even though he is still dressed very elegantly.

BTS departed for U.S

And when it comes to 6 BTS members carrying bags to the airport today, among them, member J-Hope’s bag is the most impressive.  The reason is because besides being a luxury brand bag of Louis Vuitton, it also has a very cute duck shape.  However, of course, this item has a very luxurious value when the listed price falls to about 4,450 USD for an LV duck – equivalent to more than 100 million VND.

Some comments by Knet about BTS’s photo series at the airport today:

  • J-Hope’s clothes look very harmonious and beautiful.  Every time I see J-Hope, I have to admire his fashion sense. 
  • V dresses well, I like his style.
  • RM’s bag is so cute!!
  • V and his orange juice stand out more than the accessories ㅋㅋㅋ
  • Hobi is truly a fashionista!!
  • Jimin has a new haircut????
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