Putting on a scale fashion show appearances of 4th gen girl groups (ft. IVE, NewJeans, and more)

4th generation female idols draw attention with their public appearances for their visuals, outfits and aura. 

4th generation female idols have continued to create much buzz lately. Apart from music stages, their first public event appearances are also the center of attention. Some of the notable names extend to NMIXX, NewJeans, LE SSERAFIM and IVE

4th generation Kpop girl groups receive attention from the audience with their appearances in public events.

Recently, NewJeans blew fans away with their appearance at the N°1 de Chanel Garden exhibit. Although they only debuted for a day, HYBE’s latest girl group already made headlines for their high-fashion aura and gorgeous appearances. Furthermore, their clothing choices and hairstyles were praised countless times. 

NewJeans received praises when they had an outstanding appearance at Chanel exhibit, one day after their debut (Image: topstarnews) 
The members attracted attention for their flawless beauty and theme-based outfit. (Image: Naver) 
newjeans hanni
Vietnamese member Hanni was promised to be a remarkable name for the group. (Image: topstarnews) 
The remaining idols were no less outstanding concerning their chic (Image: Topstarnews, Newsen) 

Different from their HYBE label-mate, the first fashion event LE SSERAFIM went to only had two members, Chaewon and Kazuha. Although the two were praised for their beauty and chic, many people found this to be a sign of discrimnation among LE SSERAFIM members. 

le sserafim
Two members of LE SSERAFIM were showered with praises for top-tier beauty. (Image: Naver) 
le sserafim kazuha
Although Kazuha recently joined the entertainment industry, she was highly regarded for her aura and chic. (Image: Dispatch)
le sserafim chaewon
Chaewon had already had experience since her active period with IZ*ONE. (Image: ajunews) 

NMIXX’s first public event appearance was at the launching of the Wooyoungmi Jewelry’s pop-up store. However, JYP Entertainment’s new girl group drew mixed reactions because of their outfits that downplayed their beauty and did not complement their physique. 

NMIXX members disappointed viewers with their first public appearance. (Image: Pinterest) 
The group already had the looks but JYP Entertainment’s stylist “downplayed” their beauty. (Image: Naver) 
NMIXX is among the outstanding 4th generation Kpop groups but is often criticized for their outfits. (Image: Pinterest)

After their debut, IVE’s Yujin was the first member to go solo to a fashion event for Burberry. Wearing a full-on white outfit, the female idol showed off her pure and gorgeous beauty. 

ive yujin
Despite attending the event alone, Yujin was still praised for her styling and beauty. (Image: Dispatch) 
ive yujin
The “solo” of the female idol attracted a lot of attention. (Image: Dispatch) 
ive yujin
She is one half of the most outstanding pair in IVE, the other is Wonyoung. (Image: Dispatch)

4th generation idols received a wealth of attention from the audience at their first fashion show appearances. At the same time, their beauty and outfits were also put under scrutiny. 

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