Pushing Rosé and fans, BlackPink’s security guards made Blinks angry

It is not the first time that YG’s staffs have such violent behaviours to their fans.

On Oct. 9th, BlackPink has a flight to Japan to for their upcoming Japanese schedule. At the airport, there were some fans, including masternims, who followed the group to take photos and film fancams. The number is less than 10 and there is no rushing or pushing among these fans. However, YG’s security guards acted extremely violently as they repeatedly pushed the fans and their cameras and phones away.

Two male guards rushed back and forth and constantly pushed the fans who were filming, taking pictures of the girls.

The clip was quickly shared on various social networking sites. The ones who were pushed also posted videos, close up shots of themselves and their phones and camera being pushed, which made everyone, especially the Blinks (BlackPink’s fandom) angry. Also, fans became extremely furious at a clip filmed from the back, which showed one of the two male employees bumpted into her Rosé.

A fan’s phone was pushed while filming.

This video is currently receiving the most attention because of the scene when a BlackPink member was pushed.

Some of BlackPink’s big fansites have also raised their voices about this issue. They said that not only in Japan, but also in Korea, YG staff have repeatedly treated fans such roughly. One of Lisa’s masternims has revealed that her camera was flipped by a staff while she was shooting the idol in a fansign.

The masternims are exposing about how BlackPink’s security guards treated them violently.
  Jenwonder – one of Jennie’s biggest fansites has posted photos proving she was treated violently while shooting.

Fans are asking YG to reconsider the behavior of their guards. Even though it is to protect the idols, to use violence with the fans while they are keeping their distance and doing nothing harmful to the girls is unacceptable.

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