Proof that All aespa Members are Dating According to K-netizen 

K-pop fans often base their theories of idols dating on the tiniest details, ranging from matching clothes to Lovestagram, and more. 

A recent post on a Korean online community stirred up discussions, asserting that all members of aespa might be in relationships. And the “proof” given by OP is the remarkable improvement in aespa members’ visuals recently.

It’s a prevailing sentiment in Korea that a woman becoming more attractive and “glowing” is synonymous with dating. 

While this is obviously not genuine evidence of aespa members dating, there’s no denying their upgraded visuals, especially evident in recent photos.

lee jae wook-karina thumbnail

On February 27th, Dispatch exclusively reported that Karina is dating actor Lee Jae-wook. According to the media, the two got to know each other at Prada Fashion Show in Milan, Italy last month. They continued dating after returning to Korea and Karina often visited Lee Jae-wook’s neighborhood for their dates.

An acquaintance of the couple reportedly said to Dispatch that the two fell in love with each other at first sight at the fashion show. Later on the same day, both CJeS and SM already acknowledged Karina and Lee Jae-wook’s romantic relationship.

Source: KB

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