Profile of BlackPink Rosé – the pretty, talented “Australia rose”

BlackPink Rosé is a member of the famous girl group BLACKPINK.  She is considered as one of the most outstanding female idols of the Gen 3 generation.

BlackPink Rosé possesses a beautiful appearance, comprehensive talent from professional choreography and an attractive voice. 

Rosé’s biography

Real name: Park Chaeyoung (박채영) / Roseanne Park (Rosie Park)

Date of birth: 11.02.1997

Zodiac sign: Aquarius

Position: Vocalist, Dancer

Hometown: Melbourne, Australia

Height: 1.68 m

Weight: 46 kg

Rosé’s career journey

At the age of 15, Rosé participated in YG’s singing contest in Sydney.  She won against more than 700 other potential contestants.  Since then, Rosé successfully became a YG trainee in 4 years.

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In 2016, she debuted as the main vocalist of BLACKPINK alongside the other 3 members: Lisa, Jisoo, and Jennie.  Immediately, they became the hottest girl group in Korea with a series of remarkable achievements such as: Winning the first trophy in their music career with the song “Whistle” after 13 days of debut, the Rookie of the Year award.

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She possesses a unique voice with a special voice color.  According to experts, she has a good, clear and thoughtful way of handling live singing.  Even female singer Gummy – Rosé’s idol also praised: “Without a skillful vocal background Rosé could not perform such an excellent song.  Her voice is very prominent among young singers today.”

A Korean media outlet also published comments about the BLACKPINK member’s voice as follows: “Rose is a very talented singer.  With Rose’s unique voice, anyone can recognize her anywhere. Especially, Rosé can sing well in all genres.”

Besides, Rosé is also considered to have good dancing ability. Her dancing skills are only inferior to Lisa – The main dancer in the group. When performing on stage, Rosé attracts the audience with her charismatic yet no less luxurious aura.

In addition, she can skillfully play 2 instruments, piano and guitar. Rosé often uses the guitar to cover songs in her own way. This BLACKPINK member once gained attention with the cover clip of Winner’s song “Really Really”.

In 2020, Rosé became YSL’s global ambassador, marked her first title in the fashion field. In April, 2021, Rosé continued to be named as global ambassador for Tiffany & Co. 

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On March 12, this talented girl officially made her solo debut with the full-length album “-R-” and the title song On The Ground and the B-side Gone. Both tracks won No.1 and No.2 on real-time charts in Korea such as Bugs, Genie, Melon… right after their release. At the same time, the title song “On The Ground” also received more 35,000 unique listeners on the Melon platform and entered the top 10 of the US iTunes chart after just over 2 hours at No.7 position. Rosé also has just set a record as the female solo idol with the highest number of pre-ordered albums in Korea with more than 400,000 copies.

Currently, the MV “On The Ground” has reached more than 200 million views on Youtube. In addition, recently, the song “On The Ground” has been chosen by world-famous rapper Alan Walker and added to his playlist on Spotify. It can be seen that Rosé’s singing ability not only impresses fans but also the most difficult music makers. It is expected that in the future this girl will have a very successful career path.

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Source: yan

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