“Pro” idol reveals how idols these days secretly date

CNBLUE’s vocalist-actor Jung Yong Hwa revealed how idols these days secretly date.

On August 25th, the Jung Yong Hwa episode of the web entertainment show “Pungja Loves Alcohol” was released on the YouTube channel “JDGY Studio”. Jung Yong Hwa, who celebrated his 14th year as a singer this year, met Pungja and talked about various things.

Jung Yong-hwa

Jung Yong Hwa, who became a “super senior” among juniors as he has accumulated long years of experience, said, “Isn’t it a bit awkward for them that a senior like me walks around in the show?

He confessed his grievance, “Even the producers are now younger than me. Before they used to be all older than me. And now they’re all younger than me. It can be a bit overwhelming for me sometimes.”

When Pungja asked “How can you secretly date someone? Give some tips“, he replied, “I’ve heard that a lot has changed these days.

Jung Yong Hwa then shared, “They use airdrop. At the makeup studio or so, with airdrop. Such thing didn’t exist in my times.

In response to Jung Yong Hwa’s secret dating tips (?), Pungja made everyone laugh by saying, “I should leave my airdrop on.” Jung Yong Hwa added, “You should turn it on. So that anyone can send you airdrop.

Meanwhile, Jung Yong Hwa made his official debut as an actor through the drama “You’re Beautiful” in 2009, and entered the music industry with CNBLUE’s first album in January of the following year. As it has been over 10 years since his debut, some are calling him a “pro” idol.


Source: Insight

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