Popular Korean YouTuber Suddenly Passed Away After Apology Video

YouTuber UKDaLs Bro (real name Kim Tae-woo) reportedly passed away at 38 years old.

According to Star Daily, UK DaLs Bro Kim Tae-woo died at his home on the morning of the 2nd. 

The specific cause of his death is still unknown. 

UKDaLs Bro

Born in 1984, Kim is a popular YouTuber with more than 120,000 subscribers. Until now, he has been active as a YouTuber, web drama actor, and franchise CEO.

Last month, he posted an apology video on YouTube due to disputes with his friend.

At the time, he said, “As you know, I had a minor dispute with a special friend. It’s all my fault, of course. So I spent the past two months apologizing and reflecting on myself,” with his head down.

It became the last video posted by the UKDaLs Bro.

UKDaLs Bro

In the comments, “I’ve watched a lot of your videos since a long time ago, but I didn’t know I’d be watching the last video like this. You must have had a hard time, but rest in peace above…! I pray for the soul of the deceased.” “Take care in the sky, brother..I miss you. I pray for the repose of the deceased.” “How scary and difficult it must have been in the moment at your last choice.” I’ve been a fan since the start. I hope you will be happy where you went, like the happy moment when you smiled in the early days of YouTube. I pray for the repose of the deceased,” continued the condolences.

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