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“Physical: 100” production team reveals the timeline of Woo Jin Yong and Jung Hae Min’s final match

The production team of Netflix’s “Physical: 100” explained the manipulation controversy by publicizing the timeline of the final match.

Netflix’s popular program “Physical: 100” has ended. The final match was filmed on July 20th last year, but it sparked controversies after being released on Netflix on February 21st, 7 months later. At the time of the filming, the match was stopped for a while then resumed, making viewers question the fairness of the match. Controversies intensified and rumors of the winner being changed also spread.

First of all, it is true that the final match of “Physical: 100” was suspended and resumed twice during the filming. On February 26th, the production team explained the situation through an official statement, saying “The filming was temporarily stopped and resumed”, adding “However, we never intervened to overturn the results that had already been determined or to provide advantages for a certain player.”

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As the controversy continued even after the explanation, the production released another statement on March 1st, saying “In order to reveal the precise facts, we decided to release the timeline organized based on the original filming cuts and audio files”. As a result, a timeline of the final match was unveiled through YTN Star.

Along with the timeline, the production team apologized, “We would like to apologize once again for the inconvenience we caused to the two players who participated in the final match, all the cast members of ‘Physical: 100’ and the viewers.” Above all, they also acknowledged and apologized for the equipment problem that occurred in the middle of the final match and forced the filming to be temporarily suspended.

However, the production team firmly refuted the claims, such as “changing the winner” or “manipulating the match result”, saying “The rumors are groundless”.

The main reason for the filming suspension has already been confirmed to be an audio problem, including the noise of the ropes.

6:45 PM – 1st break

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The production team came up with such a solution, judging that the noise problem caused by the loud noises that came into the microphone was so serious that it was technically impossible to use for the broadcast. Seems like it was an inevitable choice for the production team, who had to deliver good scenes to viewers.

After solving the problem, the production team reportedly resumed the game “as it was”. “As it was” here means the game was resumed after fixing only the machines and maintaining the gap between the two players from the beginning of the match. 

6:56:10 PM – 2nd break

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The second reason for the interruption was that the machine’s rope was tangled and did not turn at all.  This was decided under the judgment that the game could not proceed normally.  At that time, both competitors reached about half of the total length of 400 meters.

The production team emphasized that they had sufficiently explained the situation in which the line was twisted and did not return to Woo Jin Yong and Jung Hae Min. The gap between Woo Jin Yong and Jung Hae Min was preserved.  At the time, the camera recordings on the set of the finals were also being maintained. In other words, it is explained that there was no invalidation or overturning of the game results that were making a difference.

7:35 PM – Continuing discussions between cast and crew

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Looking at the contents of the timeline released by the production team, in fact, the production team also suggested that it is possible for the two to have a replay match after recovering 100% of physical strength, whether it is a few hours or a few days later. In addition to resuming in a manner agreed upon by the two competitors, both sides offered two options. In conclusion, both competitors agreed to resume on the same day 

9:14 PM – The game resumed

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The gap between the two competitors at the moment the match was stopped was 45m. Reflecting this gap, the production team cut 45m from Jung Hae Min’s rope and resumed the match. At the time, the production team asked the two to confirm the gap, but neither Woo Jin Yong nor Jung Hae Min confirmed it.

It is true that there was a suspension and resumption of the final game, but the position of the “Physical: 100” production team is slightly different from the situation that Jung Hae Min accepted. However, there is a point where both sides agree. It is the will to understand each other even in the midst of the unintended controversy.

We did our best for the competition, and now that the program is over, I think it’s time to do our best to understand and forgive each other.” (Jung Hae Min’s interview)

“We would like to apologize once again to the two participants. And we also want to say that our production team would like to visit and talk with the two participants at any time.” (“Physical: 100” production team)

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