“Physical: 100” manipulation controversy…Conclusive testimony

There are signs that the manipulation controversy surrounding Netflix’s entertainment show “Physical: 100”, which ended successfully, will reignite.

In a video posted on YouTube on Feb 27th, entertainment reporter-turned-YouTuber Lee Jin Ho said, “After the final, ‘Physical: 100’ is leaving a huge blow.”

Physical 100

He mentioned, “‘Physical: 100′ is a program with a prize of 300 million won. It’s strange that the match was stopped due to an audio issue. Listening to the insiders’ story, I was able to confirm how much of a pun the production team’s explanation was.”

woo jin young

He explained, “In terms of broadcasting, Woo Jin Yong beat Jung Hae Min to win the prize money of 300 million won, but according to insiders, there were considerable problems in the progress of the final. After the match began, Jung Hae Min took an overwhelming lead in pulling the rope, but Woo Jin Yong suddenly pointed out a flaw in the pulley. As a result of the confirmation, there was no problem with the pulley. Even though they tried to continue the game, Woo Jin Yong once again claimed that the pulley made a noise, so the production team sprayed lubricant on the two players’ pulleys. As a result, a considerable amount of time passed in this whole process.”

Physical 100
Physical 100

He claimed, “Even after the second match, Jung Hae Min made an overwhelming difference, but this time the game was suspended due to an audio problem. According to officials, along with the audio problem, Woo Jin Yong’s pulley rope got tangled. The production team promised to give Jung Hae Min an advantage, but Woo Jin Yong eventually won the final championship.”

Lee Jin Ho revealed, “It’s an incredible situation from Jung Hae Min’s point of view. I contacted the production team to hear their opinion, but they said it wasn’t something they could talk about. I also tried to talk to Jung Hae Min. He was close to tears. He said he’d think about the matter.”

woo jin young

Finally, Lee Jin Ho said, “The production team definitely has a video. In order to put an end to this controversy, they need to release a one-take video.”

Earlier, after the release of the “Physical: 100” final, it was suspected that the tension of the ropes pulled by the players in the “Infinite Rope Pull” game was different for each player, so the rematch may have been held. Accordingly, the production team explained on Feb 26th, “The final match was only temporarily suspended to check audio issues and listen to participants’ opinions at the beginning of the match. There was no rematch.”

physical 100

“Physical: 100” is an extreme survival game entertainment program in which 100 people who are proud to be the strongest compete with each other to find the best body with the most powerful strength. It was first released on Jan 24th and has a total of 9 episodes. Regardless of age, gender, nationality and weight class, 100 people with the best physique in each field gathered. Crossfitter Woo Jin Yong became the final winner.

Meanwhile, “Physical: 100” showed explosive popularity by topping the “Global TOP 10 TV Shows (non-English)” category.

Source: wikitree

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