“Persona: Sulli” raises concerns over appropriateness for public viewing 

Netizens show divided reactions the decision to release “Persona: Sulli”, a posthumous work of the late Sulli. 

The late Sulli‘s posthumous work “Persona: Sulli” is preparing to be released after completing deliberation by the Korea Media Rating Board.

The second of the Persona series, “Persona: Sulli,” is a collection of short films featuring one muse (Sulli for the second project). It is conducted in the form of an omnibus, in which several directors portray the muse in different perspectives. In season 1, IU appeared as a muse and became the talk of the town.

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Unlike Season 1, where the four directorial works were released, Season 2 starring Sulli was scheduled to release five works. “Persona: Sulli” started filming in the second half of 2019 and was carried out with the aim of releasing it in 2020.

However, when Sulli passed away in late 2019, the film was halted indefinitely. At that time, Sulli had only completed Hwang Soo Ah’s work among the five directors.

Recently, a fan reported that they saw “Persona: Sulli” in the Netflix Brazil catalog, which also revealed that it will feature Sulli’s in-depth interviews. 

In response, a Netflix official told Expo News, “’Persona: Sulli’ is a work produced by Mystic Story and is currently under an overall discussion whether to release it for streaming on Netflix and the final release date.”

As Netflix said that it was in the process of disclosure, a 40-second snippet of Sulli’s interview was released. In the interview video, Sulli revealed her thoughts and feelings on being popular. 

In fact, on June 21, the Korean Media Rating Board tagged the viewing rating for “Persona: Sulli” as 15 years or older with disclaimers of fear, drugs, and violence. It is about 129 minutes and 32 seconds (roughly 2 hours.) 

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However, there are also negative reactions, stating that broadcasting a series involving Sulli can trigger some people. 

SBS’s “Unanswered Questions” dealt with Sulli’s death through “Rumor of Rumor of Rumor, Who Killed the Truth”,and MBC’s “DocuFlex” aired the first episode under the title “Why was Sulli Uncomfortable”, eventually received backlash and had to be taken down. 

In particular, the program “DocuFlex” extensively covered an interview with Sulli’s mother and conversations with Sulli’s acquaintances. The story of Sulli’s life before her passing was mentioned, and naturally, her past romantic partner was portrayed as someone at fault. As a result, after the broadcast, Sulli’s former lover had to endure the same malicious comments that had previously troubled Sulli.

The broadcast that dealt with Sulli inevitably shed excessive light on her death and revisited the events. After watching the broadcast, the public recalled Sulli’s behavior while alive, and some criticisms for not understanding the deceased also re-emerged. Through broadcasting, Sulli, who suffered from public interest and prejudice, became an uncomfortable target of consumption several times even though she has passed away.

There is no guarantee that the release of “Persona: Sulli” will not follow the same pattern. However, if the audience can be mature enough to cherish the deceased’s last smile and treat her posthumous work as a single piece of art, perhaps they can cheer for Sulli’s final effort and bid her a healthy farewell.

Source: Nate 

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