Lawyer Bang Jeong-hyeon: “There is a second Jung Joon-young in the group chat”

“There’s another person who also filmed and spread sex videos in that chatroom”.

Seung-ri and Jung Joon-young showed up at the police station on the 14th. 

There is a growing stir as Jeong Joon-young, who is under police investigation on charges of filming and distributing illegal hidden camera, testified that there’s another person who was also filming and distributing hidden camera videos.

Bang Jeong-hyun, the lawyer who sent the content of the Kakaotalk chatrooms to the Anti-corruption and People’s Rights Commission, appeared on the Youtube corner of “CBS News show of Kim Hyun-jeong” on March 14th and exposed: “There is another person who filmed and distributed illegal sex videos (apart from Jung Joon-young)”.

I’m not sure if the person who shot and spread the illegal footage is an entertainer or not,” said lawyer Bang.

This means that other participants, besides Jung Joon-young, have also regularly filmed and distributed illegal sex videos in the group chat.

Lawyer Bang exposed that the video uploading was done as if it was just a habit of them and they objectified the female victims.

In particular, they even described certain women as “delicious restaurants.”

awyer Bang Jung Hyun also stressed that the chat room contains information suggesting that he was filming illegal sex scenes and attempted to rape while using drugs.

When asked if there was any information related to drugs, lawyer Bang admitted, “There are some hidden contents.”

He said the word “sleeping pills” comes out, but when it comes to drugs like “mulppong” (Liquid Ecstasy) or marijuana, there was no special name (of the drug) mentioned.

Lawyer Bang then stated that he had seen a video of a woman who seemed to be fainted by drugs, raising the possibility of their drug use.

Meanwhile, Seungri and Jung Joon Young who are at the center of the controversy, each are being investigated by the police.

They all repeatedly apologized while standing in front of the photo-line before attendance, “I’m sorry. I’ll do the investigation with all sincerity“. However, they did not answer the questions asked by reporters whether they were all admitting the charges.

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