2021’s global #SpotifyWrapped: BTS was 3rd most-streamed artist, BLACKPINK was most-streamed girl group even without a comeback

Spotify has dropped the list of most streamed artists globally throughout this year.  

2021 is an exciting year for the global music market. In the age of streaming, online music streaming services have become more prevalent than ever. As the world’s biggest music streaming platform, Spotify has witnessed amazing successes of top names in the music industry with their release of smash hits throughout this year. 

Recently, Spotify has announced the year-end summary of the most-streamed artists, songs and groups worldwide. It is easy to see that this year’s Spotify Wrapped is within the expectations of fans, but the appearances of some artists are still considered surprising.

Most streamed artists globally on Spotify

With over 9.1 billion streams this year, Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny is the most streamed artist on Spotify in 2021.

2021’s global #SpotifyWrapped
Top 10 most streamed artists on Spotify globally in 2021

Dominating the music industry with evermore at the beginning of the year and two re-recorded albums including Fearless and Red (Taylor’s Version) in mid and late 2021, it’s not surprising that Taylor Swift was the second most-streamed artist on Spotify Global, and ranked first among all female artists.

2021’s global #SpotifyWrapped
Taylor Swift was crowned the most streamed female artist on Spotify in 2021

The remaining names in the Top 10 most streamed artists on Spotify globally in 2021 include formidable Western stars such as Justin Bieber (#5), The Weeknd (#6), Ariana Grande (#8) and the female rookie Olivia Rodrigo (#9).

BTS is the only Kpop act to enter the Top 10 at No.3, surpassing various top Western artists. This year is indeed another successful and productive year for BTS and ARMYs.

2021’s global #SpotifyWrapped
No.3 also means that BTS is the most streamed group on Spotify in 2021

In addition, many netizens did not expect BLACKPINK to be crowned the most streamed girl group globally on Spotify in 2021. This is because this year, aside from Rosé and Lisa’s solo debut albums, BLACKPINK did not release any new music as a group.

2021’s global #SpotifyWrapped
This is the 3rd year BLACKPINK has achieved this title on Spotify even though they have not been as active in the music industry as other artists. Hopefully next year the girls will treat their fans to more new songs. 

Most streamed songs and albums globally on Spotify in 2021

The “monster rookie” Olivia Rodrigo had an admirable debut in 2021. The most streamed song worldwide on Spotify this year is driver’s license with more than 1.1 billion streams.

Olivia Rodrigo – drivers license

No.2 and No.3 belong to Lil Nas X’s Montero (Call Me By Your Name) and Stay by The Kid Laroi ft. Justin Bieber. 4th place is another record-breaking hit of Olivia – good 4 u. Gen Z artists definitely showcase their power in 2021. 

2021’s global #SpotifyWrapped
Top 10 most streamed songs on Spotify Global in 2021 

The most streamed album on Spotify in 2021 also belongs to Olivia Rodrigo with SOUR. 

2021’s global #SpotifyWrapped
Top 10 most streamed albums on this year’s Spotify

2021 is also an amazing year for Dua Lipa as many songs on her album Future Nostalgia like Levitating, Love Again… went viral on social media. Therefore, Dua Lipa’s album was the second most streamed album on Spotify. Coming in at #3 is Justin Bieber’s Justice.

Dua Lipa – Levitating x DaBaby


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