Sulli’s posthumous work “Persona: Sulli” rated 15+. It will be released 4 years after her death?

“Persona: Sulli”, the posthumous work of the late singer Sulli, is ready to be released.

The Korea Media Rating Board announced the result of the rating review for “Persona: Sulli” on June 21st.

The screening time of “Persona: Sulli” is 2 hours, 9 minutes and 32 seconds. It is confirmed to be suitable for viewers who are 15 years old and above. Among the 7 reviewing criteria, it received a 15+ rating, which is for content about violence, horror and drugs.


“Persona” series is an omnibus film in which multiple directors portray one actor from different perspectives. Sulli was cast in the ‘Persona’ series following IU. However, she passed away on October 2, 2019 in the middle of filming for episode 2.

In the meantime, a netizen posted an article, stating that the work would be released on Netflix Brazil under the title “Persona: Sulli”. They explained, “It contains special episodes of ‘Persona: Sulli’ and in-depth interviews conducted by Sulli in 2019.”


Later, Mystic Story, the production company of “Persona: Sulli”, applied it for video review, drawing the public’s curiosity about whether the work will be released in Korea. On May 22nd, Netflix said, “We are currently conducting overall discussions, including the release schedule.”

As the rating result for “Persona: Sulli” has been announced, fans are looking forward to the confirmation of its release date.

Source: Naver

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