Park Hyung-sik To Fellow ZE:A Member Kwanghee, “If you get more plastic surgery here, you’ll die”

Actor Park Hyung-sik showed his chemistry with Hwang Kwang-hee, a fellow former member of the group ZE:A.

Singer-actor Park Hyung-sik appeared as a guest on his fellow ZE:A member Hwang Kwang-hee’s YouTube show “Domestic Gift Factory,” which was posted on February 29th.

“Whenever I see him on the screen, I wonder if he is the one I used to stay with,” Hwang said when Park Hyung-sik appeared on the show. “There has never been such a guest. Finally, he is here.”

The two expressed their pride in each other. Hwang Kwang-hee, whose eyes got teary, said, “I’m that emotional. It’s because I’m getting older.” Kwang-hee then mentioned the JTBC drama “Doctor Slump” starring Park Hyung-sik, praising, “It’s in its popular season. He is receiving sweet responses.”

Later, Hwang Kwang-hee asked Park Hyung-sik, who plays the role of plastic surgeon Dr. Yoo Jeong-woo in “Doctor Slump,” which part on his face should be fixed. When he heard this, Park Hyung-sik was surprised and said, “Do you want to do more here? Do more plastic surgery and you’ll die.” Hwang Kwang-hee joked, “You’re like a real doctor.”

Source: TenAsia

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