Does being a luxury brand ambassador suit aespa? Netizens’ reaction a year after aespa was named Givenchy’s ambassador

aespa has shown their improvement as a high-end brand ambassador within a year, but is it impressive enough?  

In early 2021, aespa was officially given the title of brand ambassador for French luxury fashion house Givenchy. This news came as a huge surprise to fans and netizens alike because at the time, aespa was only a few-month-old rookie with barely any experience in fashion. Being Givenchy’s ambassador is also the first endorsement deal aespa ever received. According to Givenchy’s creative director Matthew M. Williams, he was overwhelmed by the energy that aespa members exuded. He believes the members are a natural fit for Givenchy.

However, all the times aespa was dressed in Givenchy for over a year as an ambassador often drew mixed reactions from netizens. 

These black and white photos were aespa’s first shoot with Givenchy. The group photo was said to lack uniformity and look like each member was edited in, while the individuality is not much shown in the members’ solo shots. This is understandable because aespa was still inexperienced in modeling and doing photoshoots at the time. 

In another black-pink photoshoot to promote Givenchy’s new line of hand bags, aespa once again came under mixed reactions. Many netizens commented that the photos feel out of place, the members’ poses and expressions look awkward and they fail to bring out the beauty of the hand bags. 

When aespa wore Givenchy on the cover of W Korea, the reaction was not positive either. NingNing was said to look the most stiff. 


Here are some other pictorials of the group. Despite changing the pose and position, the group still hasn’t made an impression.

After the Harper’s Bazaar photo below, NingNing received a lot of praises. Her posture had significantly improved, as everyone could see. The image also exudes the high-fashion vibe that it should.

aespa ningning

Recently, aespa released a set of photos in a noble and powerful style to respond to the Givenchy Autumn-Winter 2022 show. Despite not being able to attend the show in person, the girls dressed up to watch it online. Aespa’s appearance drew a lot of positive feedback from the internet community. However, some people believe that aespa doesn’t really match the Givenchy vibe.


Netizens commented on aespa’s improvement after more than 1 year as an ambassador:

  • Compared to 1 year ago, the girls have improved a lot
  • They debuted in the fashion industry too early, no one has any experience. NingNing looks a little bit charismatic and the other members look so bad.
  • They don’t have the Givenchy vibe at all. They really look like models of online shops.
  • If only they cooperate with brands with youthful style like MiuMiu. They really don’t have the Givenchy vibe.
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