aespa on Harper’s BAZAAR, “Receiving the Daesang and the Rookie of the Year in only a year since our debut. We still can’t believe it”

aespa decorated the cover of fashion magazine Harper’s BAZAAR with an overwhelmingly fascinating atmosphere.

It was the cover shoot of the January 2022 issue with the ambassadors of Givenchy – Karina, Giselle, Winter, and Ningning. The pre-released cover showed aespa exuding variety of charms in individual and group covers.

aespa on Harper’s BAZAAR

It is rumored that aespa members fully digested the 2022 Pre-Spring Collection of Givenchy, drawing admiration from staff that the shooting site with their overwhelming attractiveness. In particular, the girl group impressed everyone with their unique, mysterious expression and expressiveness, changing from their images of innocent girls to matching the theme of Givenchy’s collection this time “Train Track” in line with the futuristic concept of heading towards “Kwangya”, which is a space that appears in aespa‘s worldview.

After the shooting, aespa conducted a follow-up interview and expressed their feelings about winning the Daesang and the Rookie of the Year at the same time in only 1 year after their debut. The girl group shared, “We still can’t believe that I was able to receive so much love. As much as many people are giving us attention, we will work harder and show you better performances.”

aespa on Harper’s BAZAAR

When asked if there is any cover video that impressed them, Karina said, “Thanks to overseas fans, it’s so touching and overwhelming to hear aespa’s songs on the roads of foreign countries”. Giselle shared, “I remember a video of people cosplaying the same outfit as us in Shibuya, Japan”. Winter said, “Kwon In-ha sunbaenim’s cover video with the title ‘Next Level from Hell’ is the most memorable one for me”. Ning Ning, “Not only the outfit but their dances were also perfect. It’s so amazing”.

Revealing their strengths, aespa members said, “(Karina) We work hard in practicing, playing games and even cleaning up. We have strong teamwork, but each member has distinctive personalities. (Giselle) All of us are hot! (Winter) My strength is that my condition doesn’t change often. aespa’s strength is teamwork (Ning Ning) To me is singing skill. Each member also has different charms.”

aespa on Harper’s BAZAAR
aespa on Harper’s BAZAAR

Pictorials and the interview with Karina, Giselle, Winter, and Ningning will be available in the January issue of Harper’s BAZAAR. In addition, various contents will be released on YouTube along with fashion films to be uploaded through the Instagram account and SNS of Harper’s BAZAAR.


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