Amid dating rumors with V, Jennie’s remarks 5 years ago are suddenly causing controversy

In 2017, BLACKPINK appeared as a guest on JTBC’s entertainment show “Knowing Bros“.

On this day’s broadcast, Jennie picked Lee Soo-geun as her ideal type among the members of “Knowing Bros”, considering only personality and appearance.

Lee Soo-geun joked, “Do you like how I look?”

Jennie embarrassed Lee Soo-geun by saying, “I don’t care about what a guy looks like. I don’t think physical appearance is important.”

Lee Soo-geun continued to ask, “But I don’t look that bad, right?”

However, Jennie made everyone laugh as she replied, “No, it doesn’t matter how bad you look.”

She also explained why she picked Lee Soo-geun as her ideal type, “He has a nice personality.”

Kim Young-chul said, “My personality is good, too.” The members of “Knowing Bros” added, “Kim Young-chul has the best personality among all of us.”

Jennie then made the studio a sea of laughter by saying, “I think appearance is a bit important.”

Jennie chose Kang Ho-dong as the best looking person among the members of “Knowing Bros”. She explained, “I like guys with big bodies. Kang Ho-dong is handsome except for his face.”

These remarks are being re-examined as Jennie has recently been embroiled in dating rumors with V.

Jennie and V’s dating rumors have recently been reignited as photos presumed to have been taken by the two spread through various SNS and online communities.

In a photo, V is getting his hair done while Jennie is filming him getting his hair done from behind. Another photo shows V and Jennie standing and taking a mirror selfie affectionately.

Regarding the photos, a foreign netizen who claimed to be actor Lee Do-hyun’s Instagram hacker is claiming that he synthesized the two’s photos that were circulated.

In addition, various assumptions have been proposed among netizens, such as “Jennie’s private account was hacked” and “Jennie’s iCloud got hacked”.

HYBE and YG, the agencies to which the two belong, did not make any special positions regarding dating rumors.

Source: wikitree

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