“Dance prodigy” Na Ha-eun signs exclusive contract with SM… Promising next-generation K-pop star

Na Ha-eun, the owner of the YouTube channel “Awesome Haeun”, joined SM Entertainment.

On April 20th, SM Entertainment announced the news of signing an exclusive contract with Na Ha-eun through its official position.

Na Ha-eun

Na Ha-eun (born in 2009) is a child dancer and creator who is famous as a dance prodigy. She is running the YouTube channel “Awesome Haeun” with 5.2 million subscribers.

Na ha eun

In the future, Na Ha-eun is expected to further develop her outstanding talent and infinite potential under SM’s systematic training and support to become a next-generation K-pop artist.

Na ha eun

On April 19th, Na Ha-eun released a challenge video for “Love Theory”, the new collaboration song by NCT Taeyong and singer Wonstein.


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