“Dance genius” Na Ha-eun reportedly started her trainee life at SM Entertainment

“Dancing prodigy” Na Ha-eun is recently known to have become a trainee at one of the leading entertainment companies in Korea.

On April 18th, K-Star News reported an interview with Park Sung-ho and Choi Seung-min, CEOs of ON1 Entertainment, Na Ha-eun’s former agency. The article contained the news of Na He-eun recently becoming a trainee under SM Entertainment.

Na Ha Eun

In fact, Na Ha-eun consistently uploaded dance cover videos on her Youtube channel “Awesome Haeun”, which has 5.2 million subscribers, but there has been no new video for the past 3 months. As a result, fans have speculated that she might have started her busy trainee life in a company.

Upon hearing the news, netizens couldn’t hide their excitement and gave explosive reactions, such as “I’m rooting for Ha-eun”, “When did you become a middle school student?”, “This girl has to debut”, “No wonder she doesn’t upload new videos”, “I think she would become a great idol”, etc.

Na Ha Eun

Na Ha-eun, who was born in 2009 and is 14 years old this year, debuted in 2013 by appearing on SBS’s “Star King” as “baby Hyuna”. She performed the dance parade to introduce the nominees for Best Dance Performance at the 2017 and 2018 Melon Music Awards.

Na Ha Eun
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