5 K-drama second lead couples that are as popular as the main leads

These secondary couples in Korean dramas are as well loved by the audience as the main ones. 

For a long time in Korean dramas, especially in the romantic-comedy genre, viewers have had countless opportunities to enjoy the love stories not only between the main leads but also the second lead or side couples. These secondary couples shine as bright as the leading couples and also contribute to attracting a large number of viewers for the dramas. 

Grim Reaper and Sunny – Goblin

Played by Yoo In Na and Lee Dong Wook, this duo prove their irresistible charm to the audience right from the first episodes, not being overpowered by the Goblin and his bride at all. Thanks to their amazing chemistry in Goblin, Yoo In Na and Lee Dong Wook later went on to pair up one more time in the rom-com Touch Your Heart. 

Originally a predestined relationship, when they first reunite in the present after thousand years, Grim Reaper sheds tears when standing in front of Sunny. He is also confused without knowing how to introduce his name, age, and job in front of the woman he once loved. Although the two can not be together in this life, they have a chance to meet again in the next life and fall in love with each other.

Lim Hee Gyung & Han Jun Woo – True Beauty

Despite appearing in a teenage romance drama set in highschool, the side couple Lim Hee Gyung and Han Jun Woo, played by Im Se Mi and Oh Eui Sik, are not overshadowed by the main leads in True Beauty. In the drama, Im Hee Kyung is attracted to her sister’s teacher – Jun Woo. However, Jun Woo is shy and always avoids Hee Gyung’s affection at first.

Unlike her younger sister, Hee Kyung is an energetic, strong and intelligent girl with a pretty appearance. Despite having completely opposite personalities, after many funny situations, Hee Gyung and Jun Woo still end up together. 

Yoon Myung Joo & Seo Dae Young – Descendants of the Sun

Yoon Myung Joo – Seo Dae Young in “Descendants of the Sun” is definitely one of the couples that have encountered numerous challenges before getting back together. Played by Kim Ji Won and Jin Goo, not only did this couple leave a great impression, but they also brought tears to the viewers’ eyes with their love stories that went through thick and thin.

Yoon Myung Joo is the daughter of the South Korea Military Force commander, while Seo Dae Young is only a low-level sergeant. Despite being rejected by Yoong Myung Joo’s father many times, destiny brings them back together again, so they decide to listen to their hearts. After watching this drama, many audiences will definitely want a beautiful love story like them.

Yang Hye Sun & Do Hye Jin – My Roommate Is A Gumiho

Apart from the main couple, Kang Han NaKim Do Hwan is also a combination that attracted attention not only for their funny moments but also explosive chemistry. Hye Sun is also a hundreds-year-old gumiho, but she is able to show her human appearance earlier than Woo Yeo. She promises to help her gumiho friend by attending school with him. Because of this, she unexpectedly meets Lee Dam’s best friend – Do Jae Jin, and falls in love with him.

Thanks to their lovely and funny side of the couple, adding to their great acting skill and great harmonization, this second couple has received huge support from K-Drama fans. This couple is like a “dessert”, giving off a bright color and adding a refreshing and sweet flavor to this drama.

Na Ji Na & Cha Joo Ik – Doom At Your Service

In Doom At Your Service, the duo that attracts viewers’ attention no less than the main couple is Na Ji Na (Shin Do Hyun) and Cha Joo Ik (Lee Soo Hyuk). The couple made a strong impression on viewers from the start, giving the impression that they were “born for each other.” Their endearing chemistry and youthful energy brighten the drama. 

In the drama, Na Ji Na is a screenwriter with a youthful and pure appearance. Meanwhile, Cha Joo Ik is a really attractive man with romantic hair and a mature appearance. He is especially self-assured about his beauty, claiming to be “the most handsome at work”!

The other couples in the list:

In addition to the top 5 couples in the chart, fans also love the chemistry of the following couples:

  • Seo Dan & Gu Seung Jun – Crash Landing On You
  • Jason & Kim Pil Sook – Dream High
  • Yoon Ah Reum & Eun Tak – Romantic Dr. 2
5 K-drama second lead couples that are as popular as the main leads
5 K-drama second lead couples that are as popular as the main leads
5 K-drama second lead couples that are as popular as the main leads

They are all important factors in the drama’s appeal; in fact, there are supporting couples who are more popular than the main couple! Which of these couples has wowed you the most? Please share your opinion!


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