The reason why Kim Garam debuted despite scandals might have to do with ideal type of HYBE Chairman Bang Si Hyuk 

Netizens pointed out the uncanny similarities between LE SSERAFIM’s Kim Garam and the ideal type of Bang Si Hyuk.

On May 2nd, the Kpop group LE SSERAFIM official debuted under Source Music and became the first female artist of HYBE Labels. The group quickly gained attention, but some of these are negative, seeing that a member, Kim Garam, was embroiled in school violence controversies. Netizens were quick to cancel this member, and have been demanding HYBE to kick her out of the group. 

The full lineup of LE SSERAFIM
Kim Garam
Member Kim Garam

HYBE, however, remained stable amid all criticisms, and still debuted the group with its full 6-member lineup. Even worse, Kim Garam is often found in the center of official photos and stage performances.

Le Sserafim
Whether it’s official photos…
..or on the stage, Kim Garam can be found in the center.

Beautiful as she is, Kim Garam is at the ire of many netizens, who believe the bullying allegations the idol was surrounded in. To them, still debuting and even pushing Kim Garam is a completely confusing move on HYBE’s behalf. 

Anyhow, it seems that the netizens may have found the real reason. A viral topic in Korea has pointed out that Kim Garam looks extremely similar to the Japanese artist Arisa Mizuki, who is believed to be the ideal type of HYBE’s chairman Bang Si Hyuk.

Arisa Mizuki vs Kim Garam
Arisa Mizuki (left) vs Kim Garam (right)

Looking at the picture, it can be said that Kim Garam really resembles Arisa Mizuki, with similar facial features from eyes, nose, to lips. However, many fans also refuted the topic altogether, claiming that Bang Si Hyuk never talked about his ideal type before. Therefore, it’s better to take this theory with a grain of salt. 

Some comments from netizens: 

  • Wow they really look alike…
  • Yes, they look similar, but please know that Bang Si Hyuk has never talked about his ideal type
  • Now I understand why Kim Garam still stays
  • Even the face shape is similar
  • That’s quite the uncanny resemblance… I’m speechless
  • The level of similarities really surprised me
  • Everything makes sense now
  • Don’t know if the ideal type thing is true but yeah they look super similar
  • This is wrong guys. The only thing Bang Si Hyuk has said about his ideal type is that she’s some actress who resembles TXT’s Beomgyu
  • These visuals are really out of this world…
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