The most dramatic “twist”: Having his career almost destroyed due to scandal, Kim Seon Ho is unexpectedly “saved” by Dispatch

Dispatch has stepped up on behalf of justice and cleared Kim Seon Ho of blame amid the abortion scandal. 

Over the past 2 weeks, the scandal involving actor Kim Seon Ho after he was accused of forcing his girlfriend to have an abortion, has become the focus of the media and online communities. Based on his ex-girlfriend’s post accusing Kim Seon Ho of encouraging her to have an abortion, acting cold, being a two-faced person, netizens started to heavily criticize the actor. Perhaps this could be considered one of the most shocking scandals in the history of Korea’s entertainment industry. “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha” star faced the risk of having his career ruined for good, being removed from upcoming projects, having his pictures removed by brands.

However, the attitude of the public towards Kim Seon Ho has now reversed completely, from criticism to defense and support. Many brands have also unarchived Kim Seon Ho’s photos. He is also confirmed to star in his debut movie as scheduled and begin shooting in December. How did Kim Seon Ho manage to win back his reputation after being “called out” in one of the most shocking scandals? The reason lies in the “help” of Dispatch. In fact, this famous media outlet has impressively “rescued” the actor by investigating and discovering the inaccuracies in the accusation post of Choi Young Ah – Kim Seon Ho’s ex-girlfriend. Dispatch has published 2 articles exposing the truth and questioning Choi Young Ah’s allegations against Kim Seon Ho with persuasive evidence, making netizens wonder if this is real life or they are watching some kind of thriller drama. 

Kim Seon-ho
The actor successfully got his reputation back…
Kim Seon-ho
… after being accused of many misdeeds by his ex-girlfriend

At the beginning, Choi Young Ah’s denunciation succeeded in convincing netizens to believe that the “bad guy” is Kim Seon Ho and his ex is the victim. The actor then did not deny the accusations nor give an explanation, but only apologized, making people come to the conclusion that everything Choi said about him were true. This caused brands, movies, TV shows, and the audience to altogether turn their backs on Kim Seon Ho.

However, on October 26, Dispatch fired the first shot, clarifying in an article that the couple agreed to have an abortion, and Kim Seon Ho did not force his ex-girlfriend.  After the abortion, Kim Seon Ho – Choi Young Ah still went on dates together. The actor did not change his attitude as accused by Choi Young Ah. He broke up with her because he could no longer stand his girlfriend’s lies, not because he changed his mind.

Kim Seon-ho
After abortion, the couple was still together and going on dates

On November 1, Dispatch continued to publish text messages between Kim Seon Ho and his ex-girlfriend. Choi Young Ah previously called out Kim Seon Ho for having a “garbage” answer when she told him she was pregnant, but the truth was quite the opposite. When he found out they were having a baby, “Hong banjang” comforted his girlfriend, was ready to take responsibility and even wanted to marry Choi Young Ah. After being vindicated by Dispatch, the male actor has not spoken up yet.

Kim Seon-ho

These two “plot twists” are probably something that no netizen could foresee when the scandal first broke out.  Dispatch is inherently a “terrifying” media outlet since they are known for always exposing the scandals and dating of Korean celebrities. But in some cases, Dispatch can also take on the role of “justice”, investigating, finding the truth, and clearing many stars from blame.

In the past, Dispatch once helped to free NCT’s Taeyong from the suspicion of bullying his classmates, provided proof that AOA’s Mina was lying and pressuring Jimin and other AOA members,… However, never before did this news site step up twice and contribute immensely to the reversal of a scandal like this case of Kim Seon Ho.  Thanks to Dispatch, Kim Seon Ho has been absolved from the false accusations and is gradually restoring his potential career.

Kim Seon-ho
No other celebrities were cleared from blame twice by Dispatch like Kim Seon Ho
Dispatch spectacularly saved Kim Seon Ho from having his career destroyed 


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