Park Hae-jin to appear on the show “Where Is My Home” again, marking the comeback of “Manager Park”

Actor Park Hae-jin will appear on “Where Is My Home” again.

Park Hae-jin is expected to join the recording of MBC’s entertainment program “Where Is My Home” in April and show off his knowledge and sense that is enough for him to be called an interior expert. The broadcast is scheduled for April 24th.

Park Hae-jin

In April 2020, Park Hae-jin appeared as an intern coordinator in “Where Is My Home”. He revealed lots of experiences in relation to interior and was even nicknamed “Manager Park”. At that time, he revealed much useful information, saying, “I did the interior of my house by myself”, adding, “Rather than decorating the house in a reckless way before moving house, my tip is to fill it up one by one after you moving in”.

Park Hae-jin

Park Hae-jin has a unique perspective and interest in interior design. It is said that he decorated the house himself with his family members and also made a DIY sofa.  The viewers are raising expectations to see what “Manager Park” Park Hae-jin will do this time with his return to “Where Is My Home” after more than 2 years.

Park Hae-jin will greet the viewers through MBC’s Saturday-Sunday drama “Showtime Begins!”, which will premiere on March 23rd, a day before the broadcast of “Where Is My Home”. “Showtime Begins!” is Park Hae-jin’s first drama in two years since “Kkondae Intern”, and he will take on the role of Cha Cha-woong, a famous charismatic magician in the new series.

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