Lee Hyori shares various past photos, “Finished raiding mom’s treasure trove”

Various photos of Lee Hyori, from her childhood to solo singing days, have been unveiled. 

On August 5th, Lee Hyori shares various past photos of herself on Instagram, along with the caption, “Discovered some relics. Finished raiding mom’s treasure trove.”

The revealed photos capture numerous moments of Lee Hyori, from her childhood to solo singing days. In a school days’ photo, the female singer can be seen wearing a school uniform with a gentle smile on her face.

lee hyori

In another photo, Lee Hyori was wearing trendy fashion items from that time, including sunglasses, and flashing a bright smile. The vivid image from the past where she was an advertising model for the Anycall mobile phone, a product by Samsung Electronics, evokes nostalgic memories.

Above all, Lee Hyori’s unchanged appearance over time and her trendy fashion sense earn a lot of compliments. Her ageless beauty is so remarkable that even now, Lee Hyori doesn’t seem too different from her past images. 

Finally, Lee Hyori wrapped up the journey down memory lane by sharing a photo of her high school graduation with her parents.

On the other hand, Lee Hyori recently met viewers through the tvN variety program “Dancing Queens on the Road”. 

Source: Nate

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