Luda and Dawon bid their farewell to fans in unique SNS updates

Starship Entertainment announced the departure of Luda and Dawon from WJSN. 

On March 3rd, Starship Entertainment posted on the official Twitter account of WJSN regarding the contractual status of WJSN, “We carried out sincere and in-depth discussions with members Luda and Dawon for a long time, but unfortunately our exclusive contracts [with Luda and Dawon] will come to an end. We express deep gratitude for the great efforts and dedication shown by Luda and Dawon until now.” 


On the same day, Dawon personally announced the news on her Instagram, saying, “Thank you [Starship staff and friends] for a friendship that allowed me to shine for 7 years. I’ll show you a Dawon that will shine more in the future. Please give me a lot of support and love. Let’s stay together. I love you, UJUNGs,” said Dawon in an emotional post. Dayoung, a member of WJSN who renewed her contract, commented, “I love you” and “Let’s go eat tteokbokki soon.” 


On the contrary, Luda silently said her goodbye to the members and fans by posting a group photo of WJSN on her Instagram story after the news was released. 


Regarding the contract renewal news, WJSN leader Exy posted on her Instagram story with a lengthy caption, “I feel grateful and sorry for the UJUNGs who trusted us and waited every day, and I don’t think I understood all of that. We always try to stay in our place and always stand by UJUNGs. Please continue to support the 10 of us.” 


Let’s look forward to a future with many successes for WJSN.  

Source: wikitree

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