Suga affirmed BTS’s position: “I believe there won’t be a second BTS”

Sharing about BTS’s musical journey since debut, Suga affirmed that no second BTS will appear.

On April 17, BTS opened an official press conference to release the album “MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA” at Dongdaemun Plaza to mark the return of the group on the music track. The press conference was livestreamed on BANGTAN TV YouTube channel to promote the image of the group worldwide. At the press conference, the BTS boys talked about their breaking every record of K-pop with MV “Boy With Luv”. The boys were very happy and grateful to the fans who supported the comeback of group.

Sharing about BTS's musical journey since debut, Suga affirmed that no second BTS will appear.

In the press conference, Suga was asked how he thought about many juniors wanted to become BTS. Suga confidently replied, “I don’t believe there will be a second BTS. Like many people, I admire many heroes and also wanted to become them. But in the end, it was impossible. I became BTS“. Suga’s answer caused the global audience to pay attention to BTS and the group’s music and wonder what has made BTS so special.

It can be said that, with the current success, BTS has occupied a position that is not easy to replace in the K-pop music market. That’s why Suga affirmed that no second BTS will appear. However, this is not an answer to promote BTS’s insurmountable popularity, but it shows a very deep perspective of Suga.

In the future, many new generation of music will appear and become famous, but all of them will not be BTS. Suga claimed that every Kpop idols will be famous in their own way as BTS is also still trying to make the audiences remember the music of these 7 guys.

Returning to Kpop after nearly 8 months of absence since “IDOL”, BTS is still strong enough to “shake” the whole Kpop industry. “Boy With Luv”, the title song in the album “MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA” featuring singer Halsey has earned BTS a “bumper season” of remarkable achievements. In just 24 hours since its release, “Boy With Luv” has “wiped out” all the records for YouTube views and the top spot of music charts. “Boy With Luv” has created its own new “empire”.

Sources: yan

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