“Middle-aged Jennie”… Park Joon-geum, 100-million-won coat + 1-billion-won accessories!

Park Joon-geum showed her “luxury final round boss” side from private collections, 100-million-won coat to 1-billion-won accessories.

KBS 2TV’s entertainment show “Entertainment company Live”, which aired on Sep 29th, looked into the ranking of K-mothers.

On this day, the “entertainment big data” section ranked “K-drama national mothers”. While various stars such as Kim Hae-sook, Lee Hwi-hyang and Choi Myung-gil were mentioned from No.7 to No.1, No.5 Park Joon-geum drew attention.

Park Joon-geum was recently nicknamed “Middle-aged Jennie” due to her extraordinary fashion sense and luxury. She returned to the small screen and had active activities after divorce. Perhaps due to her luxurious image, she played many roles such as the top 1% chaebol family and the Cheongdam-dong royal family. In this regard, Park Joon-geum said, “Why do mothers always have curly hair? There are also well-dressed and stylish mothers. I want to show a different mother image than before.”

Her luxurious sense of fashion added reality to dramas. Besides, she said she had her own items since she bought clothes from brands herself. Park Joon-geum introduced them through her personal YouTube channel.

Park Joon-geum showed her “luxury final round boss” side as in “Secret Garden”, her sponsored coat cost 100 million won and accessories around her neck and arms amounted to 1 billion won.

Meanwhile, Go Doo-shim and Kim Hye-ja took second and first place, becoming the center of K-mothers.

Source: daum

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