Park Eun-bin with a “rare blood type”: Special university admission rumors → No.1 actress with 99% thanks to her efforts 

While actress Park Eun-bin is gaining syndrome-level popularity with “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, her efforts to overcome hardships despite having a rare blood type is being re-examined.

Earlier on August 1st, Good Data Corporation, a company analyzing online TV topics, announced the popularity ranking of dramas and drama casts in the 4th week of July. Accordingly, ENA’s Wednesday-Thursday series “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” topped the four categories, including news, VON (Voice of net), SNS, and videos, that determine the hot topic score, for 5 consecutive weeks. However, the drama’s popularity score decreased by 3.70% compared to that of last week and its record-breaking march also stopped.

The actors who appeared in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” also showed strong performances. A total of 9 actors, including #1 Kang Tae-oh, #2 Park Eun-bin, #4 Koo Kyo-hwan, #9 Joo Jong-hyuk, #10 Jin Kyung, #11 Ha Yoon-kyung, #15 Joo Hyun-young, #17 Kang Ki-young and #20 Jeon Bae-soo, were listed in the TOP 20 of the popularity rankings for drama casts.

Among the cast members, Park Eun-bin drew keen attention from netizens as they spent time looking back on when the actress was in her 20s and after she finished the drama “Age of Youth”, which ended 5 years ago. At that time Park Eun-bin was busier than anyone else.

In particular, Park Eun-bin once confessed how she was greedy for study and work in an interview, saying “There were many things I wanted to do and the time of when I was in my 20s went by really fast”, adding “I already graduated now, but I used to study and work at the same time”. She continued, “When I was in school, I completed 20 to 21 credits every term”. As such, Park Eun-bin has been reborn as a gifted young woman who did not even skip a class after entering university while carrying out her acting activities.

In 2011, rumors that Park Eun-bin was admitted to Sogang University’s Department of Psychology with “special treatment” for celebrities circulated. In response, the school explained, “Park Eun-bin was the class president and her attitude was very good”, adding “She was not accepted to Sogang University as a special case”. Park Eun-bin was a smart and hard-working girl who even gained recognition at school.

She’s also like that while doing her main job. Park Eun-bin has been seen organizing the script neatly at the drama reading set. In fact, she is very famous for her great efforts and responsibility in everything she does. In particular, Park Eun-bin once shared her daily life through the Youtube channel of her agency Namoo Actors. She said, “I’ve been working since I was very young, at the age of 5, so I have a high standard for safety”, adding “I believe that I should never cause trouble during the filming period. I didn’t go to the swimming pool in summer because I might get eye disease. I also didn’t go to ski resorts in winter to avoid injuries”. Regarding her daily routine, the actress showed her professional side, saying “I filmed dramas and went to school, that’s how I lived every day. I’ve never had any vacation and even if I had one, I would not go anywhere far.”

The reason for Park Eun-bin unusual routine and habit was that she has a rare RH- A blood type. That’s why she has been so careful with her health since she was young. According to the Korean Red Cross, people with the same blood type as Park Eun-bin account for only 0.3% of the total population in Korea and about 1% of Asians.

Park Eun-bin has overcome her limitations with her extraordinary efforts. A video of Park Eun-bin once became a hot topic under the title“Mental Healing”. In the video, Park Eun-bin showed how she endured everything with strong mental, saying “But what can I do about that? I have to do what I can do, I have to do it better. I motivated myself with the power and energy that I used to have when I was nothing”. Netizens spread the video, saying everyone should watch it whenever they want to give up on something.

In addition, a video of when Park Eun-bin was filming the drama “Do you like Brahms?” released through the YouTube channel of Namoo Actors was summoned. The video revealed Park Eun-bin constantly practicing day and night to become a high-quality violinist at that time. Although it looked difficult, the actress showed a positive attitude, saying “It’s good to practice till I throw up for this drama and learn playing violin as much as I want. I’m practicing a lot to raise all my skills to the highest level.”

Maybe that’s why calluses could be clearly seen on her fingers and knuckles. Park Eun-bin said, “I have new calluses. Nice to meet you”, showing her unique lively appearance. This video, along with the drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, is being talked about by many netizens in order to spread positive energy to others. 

Source: daum

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