Eun Ha (G-Friend) shocks fans as she reaches the high note in the new song smoothlyG-FriendEun Ha (G-Friend) shocks fans as she reaches the high note in the new song smoothly

This comeback, not only Yu Ju but also Eun Ha is in charge of high notes.

On January 14, G-Friend released the second full album entitled “Times for us” with the title track “Sunrise”. This is the product that marked the return of Source Music’s girl group after the failure of “Sunny Summer” mini-album in the summer of 2018. Fans expected this comeback would be successful.

On digital music charts, “Sunrise”is ranking up steadily, ranking # 1 at Soribada, Naver, Bugs … This is a song that suits with public taste and concepts. With the performance in “Sunrise,” G-Friend has proved that all 6 members are all main vocalists.

In particular, the fact that Eun Ha conquered the high notes in the chorus at the end of the song made many fans stunned. Netizens praise to Eun Ha because of the perfect high note. Not only does Sunrise, the other songs on the “Times for us” album also show Eun Ha‘s perfect vocal technique in this comeback.

“Time for us” is G-Friend’s second studio album since LOL released in 2016.

Some commented: “I’m glad Eun Ha can sing the high notes, this voice is a treasure”; “G-Friend always has a great voice, especially Eun Ha and Yu Ju“; “Eun Ha has conquered 4 high notes at the end of the song, I really melted with her voice”; “This comeback will be very positive. Also, So Won is beautiful, their visual is at the top”; “I wonder how Eun Ha did such a perfect high note?” …

gfriend 2
Eun Ha in the comeback showcase on January 14th.

G-Friend debuted in 2015. The group used to be a Twice‘s strong competitor, but the Source Music girls did not keep a stable performance every time they made a comeback. In February 2018, G-Friend stormed the charts with “Time for the Moon Night“, but the comeback in July was not as successful as expected.

Source: Ione

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