[Pann]K-netizens defend Jennie’s “The Idol” against “racist accusation”

As BLACKPINK Jennie’s acting debut “The Idol” was accused of being racist, Korean netizens stepped up and showed their stance.

On June 6th, an article titled “Isn’t Jennie’s drama racist???” was published on the Korean forum Pann Nate. In this article, a scene from the HBO drama “The Idol”, where Jennie can be seen dancing with male dancers sensually, is attached. 

jennie the idol

Along with the somewhat sensual scene, the original poster of the article started to accuse “The Idol” of being racist, saying, “I initially did not think much because I only saw the enlarged GIF of Jennie’s dancing, but when I watched the full version, I noticed that all the Westerners next to her weren’t dancing so sensually at all.”

They also added, “The Westerners only danced casually, so why only Jennie, an Asian Kpop star, is dancing like that (sexily)?? Is the drama director perpetuating racial discrimination?? Let’s boycott it!” 

However, netizens who saw “The Idol” in general, and Jennie’s scene in particular, started to defend the series against this “racist accusation”, claiming that the scene was taken out of context. 

Original post: Pann Nate

Below are some comments from netizens: 

  • It’s obvious that OP (original poster) is blabbering without even watching the series. This scene is when the main character can’t get the feel of the choreography properly, so Jennie, who plays a dancer, demonstrated the correct feel once. Because Jennie’s character only danced the original choreography, the main character did the exact same thing, except in a bikini outfit. I don’t like this scene but accusing it of racism is taking things way too far
  • The lead actress and actor are Westerners, and their scenes are on a much higher level of explicitness. Jennie’s scene is mild in comparison, so I don’t think the series is racist
  • The female lead even revealed her butt and breasts and was even touched by a man… How is this racist to you?
  •  Stop taking things out of context and blowing it out of proportions!!! How is this racism to you???
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