An American woman who came to Korea to become a singer… “My colleagues cursed in front of me”

Arora from the United States, who came to Korea in search of her dream of becoming a singer, presented a passionate stage.

Kim Tae-hun (28), Sung-hwan (47), Soo-hyun (14), Moo-ryong (32) and Arora (28) appeared on the stage of KBS 1TV’s “AM Plaza“, which aired on March 9th.

Arora, who came from New York, USA, expressed her extraordinary love towards Korea, “I got to know Korea while studying oriental painting at university and fell in love with Korea’s charms. I was especially fascinated by history. Korea suffered invasion and war, but it is a country with dynamic power to rise up again.”

Arora, who said she likes singing and making songs in Korean, confessed, “I came to Korea alone five years ago. However, life in Korea was not easy. I made a living by teaching English to children as I got a visa that only allowed me to teach English. My colleagues thought I couldn’t speak Korean, so they even cursed in front of me.”

After 4 years of living in an underground studio and barely making a living, Arora shared, “I got an F2 visa that allowed me to work freely. I got a good job, wrote and sang songs as well as released my first album last summer.”

Arora expressed her ambitious aspiration, “I really like Korea. Koreans are warm-hearted. They like changes and challenges. I like Seoul because it is clean and especially has many cafes. I’ll definitely succeed by becoming a great singer in Korea.”