A simple outfit is enough for Suzy to woo the netizens

Suzy was in a simple outfit with light make-up during the farewell party of the drama “Vagabond”.

On May 24th, the “Vagabond” drama crew arranged a farewell party at a restaurant in Seoul. Suzy’s appearance at the event attracts many attention on many movie/drama forum.
This born-in-1994 beauty dressed in a simple outfit, posed and waved to her fans and the press.
Suzy was in very light make-up but is still complimented for her beautiful face.
Her healthy, bright and smooth skin is the dream of many ladies.
K-netizens couldn’t stop complimenting Suzy’s daily beauty. Some commented: “Suzy’s beauty never changes”, “Even when she walks, her star aura still shines”, “Suzy is always so lovely”, “Her skin is so awesome, my eyes are blessed”, “No need of any fancy clothes, Suzy is gorgeous even like this”,…
The public are also excited for Suzy’s acting comeback in the action crama Vagabond (SBS). Originally, this project was planned to air on May. However, it is delayed ‘til September.
Next to Suzy, the drama also welcomed many other famous names such as Lee Seung Gi, Shin Sung Rok, Kim Min Jong, Hwang Bo Ra,…

Source: iOne

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